We ARE: a family-run operation & make each Wind Chime (& more!) by hand.

We LOVE: Music from all Genres/Eras & finding unique ways of enjoying them! 

We HOPE: that you enjoy these Wind Chimes that span the decades of music…

…and savor the memories of your favorite timeless tunes!


Modern Chimes makes every wind chime by hand. All are influenced by different genres of music, songs, guitars, styles, personalities and themes.

Our Creator/ Lead Designer, Tony, has a unique mixture of experiences that has helped to bring this Art form to life. Having had a music background with experience playing guitar in many bands over the course of 25+ years, he knows music theory and performance, as well as the genres and bands that have taken this world by storm.

In addition, he's had years of experience working in prefabrication shops: fabricating various stones, plastics and other materials for countertops, signs, display cases and the like.

From the Art of Music, Materials AND Power Tools…. We bring you this one of a kind Art.