WELCOME TO MODERN CHIMES! We turn today's melodies into Wind Chimes... and so much more!

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What's so special about these Wind Chimes?


A Wind Chime on your porch is swaying in the breeze. As you listen to the sweet chimes for awhile, you think... "Hmm. That tune sounds familiar. IS THAT.... (fill in the blank), MY FAVORITE SONG?" And then you realize, "YES, IT IS!!"

The NOTES are chosen in order...

The tunes are based on a handful of notes from a popular song... And are carefully crafted... in hopes that they will be recognized!

...then the WIND takes it from there...

The wind will play the ESSENCE of the tunes you love!

(If each pipe is manually played in a consecutive order, you are likely to hear the complete tune...)

Modern Chimes

We Turn Today's Melodies Into Wind Chimes... and so much more!