Know Before You Jam...

Wind chimes for Rookies:

  • Heavy Duty
  • Materials: Poplar wood, Birch wood, Steel pipes, UV Protected Vinyl- Laminated Decal
  • The wind will play the ESSENCE of the tune in an unpredictable pattern. The sail must be spun manually, in a consecutive order, for the song to be recognized. The wind chimes will NOT automatically play the actual song.
  • We have put our own, fun spin on the names of our selected bands and song titles. The actual names will NOT be featured. 
  • Warning: Be creative & put your "own spin" on your designs! We are unable to process any Images, Names, Phrases, etc. that are Copyrighted or Trademarked. (Customized only)
  • Due to the various materials and hand-made design... Each wind chime can have a unique and slight difference in regards to: shape, color, size, font, wear, scuffs and textures... just like a new/used guitar, instrument or sculpture.
    • We do our best to keep everything uniform, but, Hey... sometimes that's Rock and sometimes that's Art.
  • Be sure to note the weight and measurements of the chimes you select to properly accommodate the hanging of the wind chimes. An S-hook is included, if needed.
  • Although more of a novelty, all wind chimes are built to withstand weather... but we can’t predict Mother Nature. All paint and decals are prepared for Indoor/ Outdoor use. They are UV & Weather protected. Not responsible for natural wear & tear.
  • We do NOT accept Returns, Exchanges or Cancellations... but Please Contact Us if you have any problems with your order. We stand behind each and every product we create. We will work with you to make things right!
  • Please allow 1-3 days processing.     
  • Please allow 3-4 weeks for manufacturing (Customized only)                                                                Guitar parts